About Me

My name is Terry Anderson. I am a hypnotherapist and life coach. My practise is in Belfast where I see clients on a one to one basis for various issues’ such as Health, Weight, stress, Phobias, and Life style.  

I studied in the Austin method of Advance Structured Hypnotherapy at London University where I received my diploma. I opened my clinic in Belfast, helping people to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, and cure their phobias. I also coach people on changing their life style to achieve what they would like to achieve.

I have studied the power the mind has over the health of your body and found that if I changed my thinking over illness, my illness would diminish and not be as severe. After all if I cut my finger and forget about it, knowing that it will mend it self, it will.

I believe the same principal applies with most type of illness. Our bodies are made to repair it self, but in some cases there is a block brought on by negative thinking which will manifest in some kind of illness. The illness can vary from person to person, and the time-span can vary as well, from when you first had the negative trauma to the time your body manifests the illness. But if we replace the negative thinking with positive thinking on a daily process we can start to diminish our illness and get our repair kit to start working for us again.

Terry Anderson