Welcome to my site for Blood Pressure control

When you download this site you will find a MP3 download that will relax your conscious mind, allowing your subconscious mind to come forward. This is important, so that a positive message will go into your mind to release the chemicals in your body, to help heal you. Your body has a self healing mechanism which naturally heals you, but when an unknown belief gets into your subconscious it can slowly stop the healing power you have, and as a result you become ill in some way, in your case it has manifested as high blood pressure.

Like all hypnosis recordings you must find a quite safe place to listen to this Driving a car or working machinery is definitely NOT to be done.

Once relaxed, I will give you the suggestion to help you to control your high blood pressure. Remember, always consult your doctor if you think your medication may need adjusting.

For this to help improve your blood pressure you have to be committed, and make the time to listen to this download every day. It's best to listen at the same time each day so that you can get into the habit of listening to it. For best results please listen to my downloads with earphones. Thank you.

Now go to the check-out and receive your Mp3 download and start working on improving your health.