Releasing your power

We all have the power with-in us to achieve whatever we want. The only problem is that most of us do not know how to release that power to achieve what we want.

Releasing that power starts with your thoughts. Everything that has ever been made or achieved starts with a thought. Your thoughts are the foundation of what you want to achieve, so what and how you think will determine what you achieve.

Next there are three very important words that you must reminder, and to burn into your mind. Two of them have been around for more than 2000 years and we have been told about them over and over again, but never took much heed of them. They are FAITH, and BELIEF, the other is negativity.

When you think negative thoughts you get negative results, and negative thoughts come to you in a way you don't even think are negative. When you say things like "I can't afford that" "I've no money" "The only mail I get are bills" "Life is so hard" These things we may say in a joke or say them not really giving any thought to what you are saying, or because of what you are seeing around you. The problem is that your subconscious knows what you are saying is how you feel at that particular point in time, so you BELIEVE it, and that is what you are receiving, and bringing forth. Those thoughts go into your subconscious mind and so it comes back to you and that's what you see, and get, so when you get it and see it you then believe it, and the process starts all over again.

To change this, you have to believe in something different and to truly believe in it. Now that is easier said than done but it can be done and has been done by millions of people. In fact you probably have done it yourself in some way and you haven't even realised you have done it. Think of something that you totally believe, you know without any doubt in your mind that it is true, either good or bad, but you know it to be true. Now ask yourself how it came about. Think of something that applies only to you, Ask yourself WHY ME? Is it because I believe it always happens to me. Now if it is good that is fantastic which makes you happy, but if it is bad or negative then it is not so good.

So how can you use your power to change the negative beliefs you have into something good and wellbeing. Thoughts and beliefs to enable you to achieve what you really desire? The steps are easy. All you have to do is think the thoughts that you want to make happen, and stay focused on those thoughts as if they have already happened, but that's where the problem comes in. Staying focused on your belief that it already has happened, when you are surrounded with all the negativity that you have produced in the past. You can't see what you want in front of you, what you are asking for, and because you can't see it. That's what makes it very difficult to believe that you have got what you are asking for. That's when the 3rd word comes into action "FAITH".

"If you only have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains". The best way to start to build that faith is with manifesting something small. It should be something that normally does not happen to you. Like someone somewhere (in work, or at home) making you a cup of coffee or you find a parking spot where you normally would not find one because where you wanted to park your car, is normally so busy that you can never find a parking spot there.

You choose what you would like to manifest. Be focused on what you want Have faith that it is already yours. Believe it is already yours. Know that it is yours. Then stand back and watch it come.

Once you find that you are able to do that. Then make your manifestation a little bigger, just a little, don't be going for the full Monty at this stage but once you know you can do it then start building on your success. Remember you have to learn to walk before you can run, but when you start realising just how powerful you are, the sky is the limit.

Hypnosis can go a long way in helping you to gain the confidence in yourself and once you have the confidence that the power is within you, you will be able to run before too long.

Hypnosis puts the thought, the faith, and the belief, straight into your subconscious and with continual thoughts that it is yours; your subconscious will start manifesting it into your reality.....Terry Anderson.