Stop Smoking

There are many reasons why we enjoy a cigarette and in most cases we don't really know why.

Most of the time we just think it is habit.  We have one with a drink, or after we have a meal, or cup of coffee.  But whatever the reason we smoke, each one of us has a different reason.  We also have different reasons why we want to stop smoking.  So to give you a CD or Download to help take away the urge would be only giving you a hit or miss situation.

In my experience I have learned the only way to remove the desire for a cigarette is to hypnotise you on a one to one basis so I can find out what is making you want to smoke and then take that desire away or change it to something else For as little
as £60 you could stop smoking for life. Be a non smoker

Phone me on 079 8125 3349 for a no-obligation chat and to make an appointment.  Then walk away as a non smoker.